Currently on the market, people tend to use favorably high-end product lines for buildings. Machining high-quality aluminum door of THANH NAM TRADING AND PRODUCTION INVESTMENT CORPORATION is one of those options. “display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class = “mce_SELRES_end”>

When the quality of life is improving, consumers increasingly crave for a spacious, romantic living space to help and enjoy the true value of a civilized and modern life. Meet the above requirements and also withstand all weather, light, rustless, easy to maintain, easy to install, high safety … is the reason why our aluminum door processing service was born. to better serve, meet the maximum needs for life.

Why should you process aluminum doors?

  • Our premium aluminum door system is easy and time-saving for cleaning and maintenance. Using this product can minimize the area for small projects, narrow areas, but still ensure ventilation and convenience, very good soundproofing and completely avoid rainwater entering the house. It rained heavily. In addition, making aluminum doors also makes opening and closing the door very quick and convenient.
  • High-grade aluminum door system is widely used for doors, A-door windows, pop-up windows, shutters, sliding doors, partitions … to create a consistency, suitable for the project and use of the product. Usually people use safety laminated glass in this door system. In addition, you can use temper glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, or ordinary glass … depending on customers’ requirements.
  • Aluminum – glass doors are especially suitable for “facade” door systems, ie in a location frequently exposed to sun, rain, wind, dust … Not only durable to weather changes, aluminum doors – The glass also “releases” for the owner of the painting and repairing story, because only regular cleaning will immediately have bright, beautiful doors. Therefore, choosing to process aluminum doors is the perfect choice for your family home.

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